Use Cloud IDE to install a Drupal 10 and prepare a codebase for Acquia Cloud Site Factory

In this comprehensive, three-part guide, I will show how to set up Cloud IDE, install Drupal 10, and finally prepare your codebase for Site Factory by giving it a custom installation profile. We will leverage Acquia BLT helper scripts and recipes to standardize and accelerate what would otherwise be a lengthier sequence of manual steps.

The approach covered here will enable you to install fresh new Drupal sites on ACSF using the current configuration files in your codebase. Additionally, I hope you will gain valuable insights into the end-to-end ACSF deployment workflow, as we will make a few codebase modifications and then push them out to existing ACSF sites. 

This guide has been divided into three parts so that you can pace yourself.

  1. Set up Cloud IDE, Install Drupal 10, and Prepare your Codebase for Site Factory
  2. Create a Custom Profile and test New Site Creation with Site Factory
  3. Implementing Configuration Management and Proving out the Site Factory Deployment Workflow