Acquia Cloud Site Factory API and Acquia CLI

Acquia Cloud Site Factory API documentation and useful tools to interact with your Drupal site using our Site Factory API endpoints.

Acquia CLI:

Acquia CLI is a command-line interface for interacting with Cloud Platform services. Acquia CLI helps you to:

  • Run Drush commands on your Acquia-hosted applications without setting up Drush or Drush aliases.
  • Access your Acquia-hosted applications using SSH.
  • Tail logs on your Acquia-hosted applications.
  • Manage your Acquia Cloud IDEs.
  • Interact with over 200+ Cloud Platform API endpoints.

Follow the instructions on this page to install Acquia CLI:

Here you can find a list of all the available Acquia CLI commands:

Once you have acli installed, you need to authenticate using “acli auth:login” and “acli auth:acsf-login”:

Register your Cloud API key and secret to use API functionality:

acli auth:login


auth:login [-k|--key KEY] [-s|--secret SECRET]

Register your Site Factory API key and secret to use API functionality:

acli auth:acsf-login


auth:acsf-login [-u|--username USERNAME] [-k|--key KEY] [-f|--factory-url FACTORY-URL]

Now you should be able to use the following Acquia Cloud Site Factory specific commands:

Acquia Cloud Site Factory REST API documentation:

Example using curl:

curl -v -u******


curl YOUR_SITE_FACTORY_URL/api/v1/sites?limit=1000 -v -u USERNAME:SITE_FACTORY_API_KEY

You can find your username and Acquia Cloud Site Factory API Key under your user Account Settings: